Philosophy of History

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Philosophy of HistoryMr Zulfiqar AwanMain HallTBA

The Entire City: a commentary on three texts

Spanning over a five hundred year period we have seen the emergence of a distinct and challenging body of works by a number of Continental thinkers that has fundamentally altered the way in which the political, psychological and philosophical are conceived, discussed and applied. This course will take a multi-disciplinary approach in assisting students to think anew the political and its much needed application with an understanding of its source in the psychological and the philosophical. How does recent thinking on time, history, language, humanity, the passions, and culture open up the possibility of thinking the political anew? What are the implications of such thinking for our understanding of and relation to the leading ideologies of the modern world? What are the responsibilities of an understanding of the psychological and philosophical in relation to the political in the face of the new world (dis)order?

Students will examine the above in relation to the following three key texts:


The Political: Harold Laski’s ‘The Historical Introduction to the Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos’.


The Psychological: Christopher Marlowe’s ‘The Massacre at Paris’.

The couple/individual

The Philosophical: Dallas’ ‘Oedipus and Dionysus’.