New Students – How to Apply

Join Dallas College Academic year 2018


ounded in 2003, Dallas College is a tertiary educational institution that offers a three year post-secondary programme. The function of the College is to educate and produce a new generation of Muslim young men with the capacity for leadership at the national and international level.

Our courses are tailored to inculcate transformative Leadership skills,  from digital media content production to geopolitics, literature and strategic politics, Roman histories,  Islamic studies, fencing and cricket.

The graduates of Dallas College will be equipped with useful knowledge and insight of the turbulent world in which we live, and how to be leaders in the various arenas of power, influence and service from media communication to civic governance, and commodity trading.

If you want to apply at Dallas College, the process is much the same as that of other universities. However, at Dallas College the application process starts earlier to allow time for interviews.

Step 1 : Explore our Website

Make sure you are passionate about the courses offered at Dallas College. Visit the Courses section on our website and give it a thorough read.

Step 2 : Decide on Accommodation

You need to consider the cost of your tuition, your living costs, and where you would like to live while studying at Dallas College. You can either apply for Dallas College campus residents in your application submission or arrange rented accommodation in the surrounding area.

Step 3 : Apply

Download the Dallas College Application Form, fill it in and email it to

Step 4 : Interview

The successful applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Vice Chancellor.

Step 5 : Acceptance

We will advise you of our decision.