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Welcome to Dallas College

Dallas College was founded by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi and a group of Muslim scholars in Achnagairn House, near Inverness, Scotland, in 2001. Two years later the College would set its roots in Cape Town, South Africa and begin receiving students from all over the world.

Our curriculum is centered on the continuity of Dr. Dallas’ lifetime effort to establish Islam completely: “to worship Allah as commanded by Him, and to deal with our fellow men, as Allah’s blessings and peace on him commanded, person to person and without usury”. The model of education at Dallas College is that of the elite of Europe, derived from the Greek model of paideia; rather than give students a chartered education, the aim is to build a complete man, where he is considered in his entirety. A young, aspirant generation of Muslim men are being equipped at our College with a profound knowledge and understanding of their noble Deen (life transaction) as well as the age in which we live, preparing them for positions of leadership, service and specialisation in which ever field they may choose.

The evolving social nexus and the devolving political instruments of our time are indications of one world dying while another is struggling to be born, and to this end, students are taught clear communication and expression. Ronald Syme, a distinguished Oxford classicist, ended his study ‘The End of Civilisation’ with a warning to not replay the complacency of Romans at the fall of the Roman Empire. As Syme’s ‘Roman Revolutions’ is part of Dallas College’s core study, it is imperative that the students are given insight into the transfer of Imperial Colonialism to Corporation Colonialism, at the cutting edge of pedagogic theory.

The extra-mural programs are intended to compliment its academic counterpart with physical activities, and are treated with equal importance in the development of the character of the students. With Cricket already a Leisure Activity, the intention of Fencing is to assure that esprit de corps and chivalry enhance the leadership quality of students at the College.

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Chancellor Mohamed Amin Mayet