Student Testimonials

Umar Bassa, 3rd Year

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Dallas College has instilled in me a foundational and full education.

The students and I have learnt what it means to both serve and be served. What I really enjoy about the subjects taught at Dallas College is that although each is individual, pertaining to a specific field of study, on the whole the courses are interconnected, inspiring in the student a clear world view. This has given us the ability not only to observe and perceive the salient factors which emerge from our day to day transactions, it has opened the way for us to draw closely to that which gathers these elements of life together. Dallas College has also given me a heightened understanding of history with a view that our present situation is not isolated, rather it is a singular event within a wider arena of events unravelling over time.

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The curricular is designed to enhance both our intellects and interaction with the world.

I have attained an understanding of how events unfolded in ancient times through classical studies at Dallas College. The lecturers have also opened my eyes and my mind to the age we live in, through a focused course of study in multifaceted subjects and sciences. The curricular is designed to enhance both our intellects, and interaction with ourselves and the world. The daily interaction with students from various parts of the world has further added to my encounter of learning new people skills as well as preference for the other. Futuwwah is a noble achievement in character at Dallas College, and our group dynamic. I enjoy fencing and look forward to the summer months with the team on the cricket pitch.

Ihsaan Mathe, 1st Year

Latif Douglas, 3rd Year

Testimonial Quotation Marks Open

At Dallas College one is encouraged to strive for the highest.

The aim of Dallas College is to forge young minds into young men who are able to go anywhere and achieve anything. My experiences here at the College have been inspiring to say the least. One realises that unlike most universities in which passing the exams are the most important thing, what is important is acting on attained knowledge. At Dallas College one is encouraged to strive for the highest. The students are given an understanding of honour, and that the man of honour must honour himself.